Teeth Whitening at Home: My Smile Brilliant Experience


Hello guys,
Today I want to talk about my teeth whitening at home experience with the Smile Brilliant Kit.

I'm obsessed with having a nice smile and white teeth, so in the past couple of years I tested a few at home teeth whitening solutions both natural and whitening kits, but nothing seemed to satisfy me.
Then I had the chance to test the Smile Brilliant T3 SENSITIVE SYSTEM Kit and I instantly fell in love with it because it has a professional approach to the teeth whitening at home process and it is also very affordable.

How does the SmileBrilliant Kit work?


First of all, when you receive your kit, you'll make your impressions using the putty and plastic trays included in the package. It is super easy and quick...don't worry if I did it great you can do it too!


Then use the envelope included in the kit to ship your impressions back to the USA lab. After receiving your impressions, the Smile Brilliant lab will create a pair of custom-fitted trays and send them back to you in 3-5 business days if you live in the USA. Because I live in Italy the shipping time was a little bit longer, but was not a big deal since I got my trays in maximum 10 days.


Now it comes the fun part! I usually whiten my teeth after dinner and before starting using the kit I only brush my teeth with water because toothpaste can make the whitening process less effective.
Then I apply a thin layer of teeth whitening gel on the upper and bottom trays...and trust me a little goes a long way so it's not necessary to use lots of gel.
Also before I apply the trays, I always make sure to dry my teeth with a tissue in order to avoid saliva to be a barrier between the teeth surface and gel.


The whitening process takes 1hour to 3 hours, it depends on your sensibility. I got quite sensitive teeth but the whitening gel is really gentle and I usually keep the trays up to 3 hours.
At the end I go wash my teeth with toothpaste and then I also apply the desensitizing gel for 20 minutes.


As I told you guys before, I really like the T3 SENSITIVE SYSTEM Kit. I used it for two months now, whitening my teeth once a week or once a couple of weeks, depending of my needs.
I never had super yellow or stained teeth, but drinking green tea and eating some staining foods my teeth got a little bit darker than usual.
Using regularly Smile Brilliant kit my teeth got 2 to 3 shades lighter and I'm super satisfied by the result.

PROS: professional lab and products, custom-fitted trays, whitening gel and desensitizing gel work very good, the whitening process is really effective and it lasts for a good period of time.
CONS: I have really sensitive teeth so the day after I whitened my teeth I feel a little bit of sensitivity if I drink cold or iced drinks, but this sensation lasts only for 24 hours so it's not a big deal.

...and this is it for today!

Let me know in the comments down below what do you think about my review and if you ever tried Smile Brilliant kit or if you want to test it the the future.

Teeth Whitening
Always be adventurous,

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  1. Amazing products! I like your blog, would you like to follow each other?:)


    1. Grazie mille Giulia!
      Certo, mi piace molto il tuo blog :)

  2. This sounds really good! I've been thinking about getting a teeth whitening product for a while now x


    1. This kit is amazing, you should try it! xx

  3. You have a wonderful smile! Fantastic experience, it looks great :)

    xoxo Eva ❤
    Melania | mimalditadulzura.com


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