About Me


Eva is an Italian with an international soul and a creative mind. 
Writing for her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog ‘EvaRedson’ since 2015 to chronicle her personal style and artistic vision. Her goal is to inspire people across the globe, sharing her unique mix of Italian roots and cosmopolitan spirit. 
She also works as a fashion journalist, content creator, communication manager and digital influencer for various fashion and lifestyle related magazines and brands.

F. A. Q. / Frequent Asked Questions and Answers

- What's your name?

- How old are you?
  I'm 26yrs old

- Where are you from?
  Born and raised in Rome, Italy

- Which are your biggest passions?
  Traveling is my biggest passion as well as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food and home decor,
  so this why I created this blog! I want to share my ideas and lifestyle with you all!

-Give us 5 fun facts about you:
  •   Chocolate is my addiction
  •   I'm a night thinker and NOT a morning person at ALL.
  •   I can't stand eggs smell, taste or consistency. I can't. Please tell me I'm not the only one.
  •   I'm rubbish at applying fake eyelashes but I don't give up trying.
  •   Traveling all around the world is on my to do list.
If you want to discover more about me and have fun, join my journey and be part of the adventure!

 Always be adventurous,     

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  1. Ciao Eva! Welcome to the blogging world :)


    1. Ciao Julia!
      thank you very much for this sweet comment, I really love your blog too!!!
      I also follow you on Bloglovin' :)


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